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Tipsy Texan Mardi Gras Shrimp Boil

Photo by Aimee Wenske

One of our favorite excuses to throw a party is Mardi Gras. Mind you, neither of us has any claim on New Orleans — we’re not from there, our ancestors aren’t from there, and in fact I’ve never even been to the big party. About the only connection we really have to the Crescent City is the annual pilgrimage we make for the Tales of the Cocktail festival. But that doesn’t keep us from throwing a helluva shindig each year on the day before Ash Wednesday.

First you have to gather your friends. If you’re anything like us you will do this at the last moment possible. If you’re better at planning than that you’re awesome. One of the benefits of hosting an annual party is that eventually your friends know they don’t even have to be invited — come Mardi Gras, they know where they need to be.

Photos by Aimee Wenske

The key component to a Tipsy shindig is of course the cocktails, and we offer no shortage of those at our Mardi Gras party. But the real show-stopper is the shrimp boil. A giant family-style feast served on a paper-covered table (or tables). Colossal gulf shrimp, red potatoes, sausage, and corn-on-the-cob are dumped out on the table and served with crusty bread, bowls of drawn butter, canisters of “Slap Ya Mama” seasoning, and hot Boudin.

We like to serve it up with cold beers, Sazeracs, Hurricanes or whatever else your heart desires. Stay tuned for the recipes and how-tos for your own Mardi Gras party.



Cannot wait for this shit!!


A party on a school night? I like the way you think.