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TipsyTech is an informal series of classes that seeks to revive and strengthen our collective knowledge of cocktail history and individual spirits while encouraging new ideas in cocktail culture.

When I started the course, I thought I was a fan of wine. Nope, wrong. Turns out what I really like is good booze, and I haven’t bought a bottle of wine since.

– Matt Wright, Tipsy Tech Alumnus

Note: This is not a bartending school, a trade school, nor any other kind of accredited or licensed educational institute. This is a series of informal community-based cocktail discussions led by industry personalities for avocational purposes. We do not purport to represent any trade organization or industry standard, nor do we offer any type of approved industry training or certification.

2010 Critic’s choice award for “Best Tippler Teach-In” in the Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin Poll.

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